Mathematicaly Minimal and Exceptionally Highly Balanced Systems

Here we compiled a list of parameters of possible large systems for pick-5, pick-6, and pick-7 lotteries, each of which is mathematically minimal (MM), and exceptionally highly balanced (EHB). Most of these are multiple wins guarantee systems. Some systems might have some blocks repeated (in order to achieve minimality); this would be indicated in the description. Most systems have all combinations different; some of those are systems with maximally apart combinations (MAC), where each two combinations differ by as many numbers as theoretically possible. If all the combinations of a system are distinct, then any two combinations differ by at least one number, and that distinction might be the highest possible, in which case the system is still MAC, but we do not indicate it. We indicate that the system is MAC only if any two combinations differ by at least two numbers.

If you need any of these systems, it will be generated together with its Table of (Possible) Wins (TOW).
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More systems of this type (pick-5 and pick-6, outside the range of Dr. Bluskov books) have already been generated, and are available, together with all systems from the books, at our companion site


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