Tools for Managing Systems Playing

Players or syndicates who choose to play a system are often facing the tasks of substituting their numbers instead of the numbers of the system, filling the tickets and later checking their combinations against the drawn numbers. For a small system, all these operations can easily be done by hand; however, they become increasingly cumbersome with the increase of the number of combinations.       

We have developed easy to use web services/tools which facilitate all these operations for players or syndicates who play systems from any of Dr. Bluskov's books (and also for the many additional lotto systems/wheels included, from outside the range of the books). The address of the companion site is:

These tools offer the convenience of choosing a lotto system/wheel from any of the two Dr. Bluskov's books (actually from an expanded selection of systems that goes well beyond the range of the books), and then generating the system with your numbers substituted, checking more information about the system such as Table of Possible Wins, author's comments on particular features of the system, comparison with other systems in the book,  and balance of the system; basically all the features that the books provide plus the convenience of substituting your numbers instead of the system numbers and producing your tickets electronically. Once you generate your tickets and play the system, you will also be able to save your combinations and check them against the drawn numbers, and see all of your winning combinations with the corresponding wins highlighted.    

The tools provide convenience not only for players who already have one of  Dr. Bluskov's books, but also to players who are familiar with wheeling systems and want to play one from the complete selection offered at the companion site (many systems from outside the books are also  included, exclusively at the site).   

Once the combinations are generated, one still has to enter these combinations on the actual slips provided by the lottery, which is yet another, somewhat cumbersome operation. For many lotteries, additional convenience will be offered with actually printing your combinations on the lottery slips, as a separate service, which will be linked at the companion site.

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